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Below you will find some of the most common questions and answers regarding my sports photography business. 

If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or call me at 217-433-3949.  I am happy to help you get the most out of using my site and look forward to having you as a valued client.

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Kevin Krows



Q:  Why should I register and create a User Account?


A:  Creating a User Account is the only way you can create and save your favorites lists and shopping cart.  The system remembers you by your email address and password.  Without that, your favorites and shopping carts will be lost once you leave our web site.


Q: After creating a User Account, do I need to login to my account every time I visit your web site?


A: Yes.  This is how you can access anything you have saved previously as well as add more images to your favorites or shopping cart.


Q: How long do you keep pictures on your web site?


A: We never remove images on our web site. We do, however, archive our current season images on June 30th each year.


Archiving is what allows us to keep our images on-line so that you can still view and purchase prints and downloads for many years to come.


Q: Why are your Archive prices higher than your Current season prices?


A: Archive gallery prices are higher due to the extra expense we incur for long term storage, retrieval, and management of older images.   We always want our clients to be able to purchase prints and downloads at the best prices when possible.  To do that, you simply need to purchase the current season on or before June 30th each year.


Q: Why are your prices higher than other photographers?


A:  When I started my business in 2006, my mission was to provide all my clients with the highest editorial quality images that I was capable of producing.  As such, I committed myself to:

  • Using only the most current professional level photographic equipment designed for sports photography.  This is the same equipment used by Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine photographers as well as internationally known sports photographers. If you are interested in viewing the equipment I use in my business, click on the following link:  Kevin Krows Current Equipment List
  • Ongoing training.  Having the equipment is one thing.  Knowing how to use it is another.
  • Using only the best professional print labs that stand behind their work and provide exceptional products and services.
  • Commitment to a well designed web site for my clients that's fun, safe, and easy to use.

Sports photography is a once in a lifetime opportunity that requires you to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, and the right knowledge of the teams and athletes you are photographing.  Unlike portrait photography, there are no second chances or "re-takes".  Action occurs in a split second....never to be repeated. You either got the shot or you didn't.  I am committed to providing you and your family with only the best sports images possible.  No exceptions.


Q: Do you offer volume discounts?


A: No.


Q: Do you do custom posters or composites?


A: Yes.  However, posters and composites require additional time to create.  My bench rate for creative time is $50 per hour in addition to the print costs themselves.  Please contact me by phone at 217-433-3949 and I would be happy to quote you a price on a finished poster or composite print.


Q: What are Personal Use Downloads?


A: Personal Use Downloads are 1800x1200 pixel electronic images and are sold "per image".  The license allows you to use these images for any personal projects including making your own prints up to an 8x12.  You can use them on social media sites, electronic picture frames, and portable devices like computers, iPads, and smart phones.  You may also share these files with family and friends provided they adhere to the personal use license terms. 


Probably the better way of looking at the limits of the personal use license is to understand what the images cannot be used for.  You cannot use them for editorial purposes (newspaper, magazines, sports web sites, or recruiting sites).  Also, you may not use them for commercial purposes (using the images for profit or gain).


In case you are wondering, Personal Use Downloads are my #1 selling product.  That's because of their value and the fact that they are downloadable immediately after purchasing them.  There's also no shipping charges on Personal Use Downloads.



Q:  I don't see many pictures of my son or daughter on your web site.  Is there any way to have you get more shots for me?


A:  Yes. You can send me an email with your son or daughters name, the school they attend, the sport they participate in, and there jersey number if applicable.  I will do my best to shoot more shots for you.  Please keep in mind that my first priority is to those parents and athletes that regularly purchase prints and downloads from me.  If you don't plan on buying anything, please respect my time and don't make a request for images to be taken.  Sports photography is how I make my living so I need to stay focused on my clients that invest in my work regularly. 



Q: Do you do Senior and Family portraits?


A:  Yes, I do portraits for my current and  former clients.  My location fee is $175.00 per session (up to 2 hours) at the location of your choice plus the cost of prints you would like to order.  Your proofs will be placed in a password protected Private Gallery within 24 hours with final touchup and finishing done only on the prints that you actually order.  Location fees are due and payable at the completion of the session and you will have up to 1 year to purchase prints on line from your Private Gallery.  For more information and to schedule your appointment, please email me at [email protected]  Please include your full name and contact information in your email (address, phone numbers, and email address).


Q: Do you shoot weddings?


No.  Like sports photography, wedding photography is highly specialized and requires many years of experience and expertise.  Central Illinois only has a handful of photographers that have the experience and expertise to handle weddings from a photographic and business perspective. 


Q:  Do you offer any other services?

The only other service I provide is commercial photography work for businesses located in Central Illinois that have a on-going need for photographic services.  This includes businesses that want current head shots of their employees for business cards, images for their web site and printed materials, and images for advertising campaigns.  We also have partnerships with local designers, copy writers, and printers so we can deliver a total solution for our business clients. Please contact me at 217-433-3949 to set up an appointment to discuss how I might be of assistance to you and your company.