Pancakes Anyone?

October 31, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Warrensburg, IL -- 20131028-006320131028-0063

Volleyball is one of those sports filled with a wide array of interesting terms to describe how the ball is hit over the net or passed to another player.  Some terms are self explanatory like Ace, Block, Spike, or Dig.  Others, however, are not.


For example, a "Six-Pack" is a player who has just been smashed in the face with a powerful spike.  A "Tool" is a ball spiked off the opponent's blocked shot.  And finally, a "Pancake" is a player who dives for a ball and places their hand flat on the floor to intercept a ball from hitting the floor... as demonstrated by middle hitter, Meghan Huggins, from Warrensburg Latham High School.



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